Deadly spiders hatch from Sainsbury’s bananas

Terrifying death-in-a-fruitbowl tale


A terrified London family has had to move home after venomous Brazilian Wandering Spiders began hatching in their house – out of a bunch of Sainsbury’s bananas.


Consi Taylor, 29, mum to Benjamin, three, and Annable, four months, saw something mould-like on a Colombian Fairtrade banana she was eating in her London home.

“I had a closer look,” she told The Sun newspaper, “and was horrified to see they were spiders. They were hatching out on the table, scurrying around on my carpet. I was so scared, I started crying.

But worse was yet to come. When a pest-control firm were called, the family was told the little creatures scurrying around their house were, in fact, Brazilian Wandering Spiders – one of the world’s deadliest type of spider. The family has had to move to a hotel while their home is fumigated.

“I hope I didn’t eat one,” says Consi, “but I can’t be sure. I now have a phobia of buying bananas.”

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