Denise Van Outen met husband Lee Mead whilst judging Andrew Lloyd Webber's programme Any Dream Will Do, and the couple married in 2009. The Essex girl gave birth to their first child, Betsy, nearly 14 months ago but admits she didn't realise how hard it would be.


"I think I underestimated how hard it would be. People tell you and you think, 'Oh yeah, it'll be hard work.' But it's a different kind of hard work to what I expected," Denise said, according to Celebs on Sunday.

"You're constantly thinking about your baby, even when you're not with her, she's always on your mind. You never switch off. I asked my friend, who's a parent, 'Is this what it's always like?' And she said, 'Den, this is what it's like forever,'" Denise adds.

"We argue more, but no, he's brilliant. I'm really lucky that he's so hands on. I can go off to work and leave Betsy with him," said Denise, speaking out against the rumours they are having marriage problems.

"I knew even before I married her that she'd be a great mum, and that's part of the reason I fell for her," Lee said. "She's a wonderful mum and a great wife. I got really lucky."

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"Any free time I have I like spending with my daughter. Once she starts school and makes friends, she'll be off doing her own thing, so these first few years are precious," Lee added.

"I love being a dad and I don't understand blokes who aren't hands on and don't want to change nappies."

Does this mean there will be more babies on the way?

"Betsy is only 14 months and thoughts about having more kids aren't really on our minds," Lee said.

"Perhaps when she's 2 or 3 we might start thinking about that, but at the moment, we just feel very blessed for having such a wonderful child."