Denise Van Outen has spoken about how much her life has changed since becoming a mum 14 weeks ago to daughter Betsy.


"Since Betsy came along there have been moments I've been wiping up vomit or changing a nappy and pinched myself at the thought of how things have changed,” Denise told The Sun.

"Back in the day I was up all hours clubbing. Now it's my baby keeping me awake. I've let the whole ladette thing go. It wouldn't be cool at my age.

"When you think about Sara Cox and Zoe Ball and anyone else who was called a ladette, they've all settled down and had families.

"You grow up and mature and life moves on," mum Denise added.

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Denise also spoke about her relationship with her husband, actor and Any Dream Will Do winner Lee Mead, which remains strong despite both of them being in the public eye.

"When you're a high-profile couple there are added pressures. And you can guarantee if either party strays you'll hear about it.

“Having a child together makes our circumstances different to the couples who've been in the press recently.

"Also Lee and I know what marriage is about because of our parents. Mine have been together 40 years and his have been together for 30. I've seen Mum and Dad arguing and then one minute later it's already forgotten.

"Of course Lee and I get on each other's nerves, but we can park things and move on.


"We'll be bickering then Betsy will cry and we deal with her as a team," said Denise.