Denise Van Outen reaches out to midnight mums

Modern mums use the internet to get everything done but many are losing sleep by logging on in the middle of the night


Denise Van Outen has admitted that she’s a “midnight mum” when it comes to using the internet. She’s part of a new campaign to encourage mums to get smartphone savvy to save time. Mobile provider Three, who launched the campaign, has coined the phrase “midnight mums” to describe busy mums who resort to going online late at night just to get everything done.


“I love the internet and often tweet or go online late at night when I get some down time,” Denise explains.

“Becoming smartphone savvy has been a great eye opener and I’ve enjoyed making dead time, such as standing in shopping queues and waiting for friends, more productive,” she continues.

In a survey of 3,000 mums by Three, nearly half admitted to going online in the middle of the night just to get on top of their to-do list. Most use the internet for baby shopping, connecting with other mums to ask advice and staying in touch with friends via Facebook and Twitter.

Research by the NCT and Three has suggested mums could claim back 135 hours a year by using mobile internet. Denise is encouraging mums to make the most of their smartphones by using the internet on the go to do their shopping and catch up with friends.

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