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Denise Van Outen's busy mum diary. Every month Denise Van Outen shares the ups and downs of being a celebrity mum, and what she's learning along the way.


This month I’ve…


…been kept well and truly on my toes by young Betsy! What is it about toddlers that means as soon as they’ve found their feet all sense of danger leaves them and they can’t wait to run headlong into a patch of nettles or trip over the nearest step? Betsy is fearless, and while I admire her in one way, in others I wish she wasn’t quite so gung-ho. I’m worried she’ll fall on concrete and really hurt herself, or cut a lip, or chip a tooth… The list goes on. And one thing’s for sure; she’s only going to get more mobile!

Her other party trick is picking everything up and saying ‘Hello?’ into it, as if it’s a phone. She chatters away and doesn’t seem to mind when no one talks back. If I’m on the phone, and she wants my attention, she’ll say ‘Bye Bye’ and mimic putting the phone down. It’s so funny.

She’s not quite into the tantrum phase yet, but we do have a few arched backs and yells of protest sometimes when I put her in her car seat. On the whole, she’s pretty good, though. She loves to copy older children – I found her trying to clamber into a hammock in the garden the other day because she’s seen my friend’s older son do it. Do you find your little ones do that?

I’m going to be solo parenting soon, as Lee is off on tour with his band in Japan for a month. His UK tours sold out, and it’s looking as if all his dates in Japan will, too. It’s great for him, of course, but Betsy and I will really miss him. We’re all learning to Skype so Lee can still see and talk to her every day. Neither of us are that technically savvy, so Betsy will probably get it before we do!

Well. that’s it for this month. Email me at and tell me all your news – I love to hear from you!


Love Denise & Betsy


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