Denise Van Outen’s shows off her trim post-baby body

Denise steps out looking super-toned just two weeks after giving birth to baby Betsy


Heading to David Walliams’ wedding with hubby Lee Mead, Denise Van Outen looked as if she’d never been pregnant despite giving birth to baby Betsy just two weeks ago.


With a flattering print dress clinging to a toned tum, the only thing giving away the new mum was her ample cleavage!

Looking very glamourous for a new mum, Denise even popped out to get some nappies from Boots this week.

She revealed the secret of her svelte look, a diet plan called Pure Package which is, she tweeted, “a life saver for tired new mums”. The company delivers healthy, balanced meals to your door.

But during her pregnancy, Denise claimed to be in no hurry to jump back to her pre-baby wardrobe. “I’m going to take my time. Not everyone springs back into pre-pregnancy shape like Gisele (Bundchen),” she said. “You just have to accept that she’s blessed with amazing genes. I’m not in any rush.”


But from the look of these shots, we’d say she might be blessed with the same generous genes (or some clever underwear!).


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