Dennis The Menace turns soft after makeover

The Beano bully has been toned down for new CBBC series


Favourite mischievous cartoon character, Dennis The Menace, has been stripped of his catapult, water pistol and peashooter to become less menacing in a politically correct makeover for his new CBBC series.


Gone are the days of terrorising his goody-too-shoes enemy, Walter The Softy, and in come tamer scrapes including dreaming of turning his dog, Gnasher, into a cleaning device.

It isn’t just his weapons of naughtiness that have made the cutting room floor – his heavy brow has been redrawn with a finer, less defined scowl in a bid to make him look less…menacing! Even Gnasher hasn’t escaped the claws of the ‘re-imagined’ makeover either, with his cheeky, toothy grin being turned into a friendly smile to go with his newfound cheerful temperament.

Launched as a comic strip character in 1951, dastardly Dennis has gained many fans over the years and attracted 1 million members on its fan club, which was set up in 1976 until 1998 when The Beano Club was introduced.


Should Dennis stop being a bully? Or has Dennis-no-Menace lost his appeal? Let us know below…


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