Did Cristiano Ronaldo pay a surrogate to have his son?

Portugese newspaper claim that the footballer’s baby was conceived via surrogacy

After announcing his shock news that he’s become a dad to a baby boy, Cristiano Ronaldo’s baby joy has been marred by rumours that he paid a surrogate to have his child.


The Diario de Noticias newspaper has reported that the Real Madrid star, 25, had his baby son conceived via a surrogate mum at the end of last summer in San Diego where he was on holiday. The baby was born on June 17 during the World Cup.

It is also believed that Ronaldo allegedly travelled to Algarve to meet his son as soon as his team, Portugal, were knocked out of the tournament.


The footballer has not identified the mum and has admitted that she has given up all parental rights, sparking rumours that she was a surrogate rather than the baby being the result of a fling or relationship.

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