Did Liz Taylor have a secret baby?

‘Friend’ alleges that the actress gave up a lovechild for adoption

Just a month after the death of Elizabeth Taylor, allegations have emerged that the actress had a secret daughter when she was unmarried. The revelation comes from John Cohan, a psychic who claims to have been a confidant of the film star.


According to Cohan, Liz’s mother and the film studios forced the actress to give away the illegitimate baby. Named Nora, the newborn was apparently adopted by a family in Ireland. Cohan further alleges that the seven-times married star made him promise that her secret could not be told until her death.

“Elizabeth, guilt-ridden about this always, told me, ‘Say nothing until I’m gone,’” revealed Cohan, who claimed that Liz had been a client of his since the 60s.


Taylor had two sons, Christopher and Michael, with her second husband British actor Michael Wilding and a daughter, Liza, with her third husband Michael Todd. She then went on to adopt a two-year-old girl, called Maria, from Germany while married to actor Eddie Fisher, although the adoption papers were not completed until they divorced. Her fifth husband, Welsh actor Richard Burton, whom she famously married twice, then adopted both daughters.

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