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Did Wayne Rooney's ball break 9 year old’s wrist?

Wayne Rooney tweets apology after wayward ball is blamed for young fan’s broken wrist

A 9-year-old boy has ended up with a broken wrist after a bizarre ball run-in with Man U striker Wayne Rooney.


For most children, their first experience of a live football game would be pretty complete if their team scored a goal. But for 9-year-old Jamie Thomas, his trip to see fave team Manchester United ended with one of the players reportedly breaking his wrist!

Man U star Wayne Rooney appears to have booted a ball during warm up that went a little wide of the goal, accidentally landing in the crowd. When Jamie put his hands up to protect his head, he ended up with a broken wrist.

Jamie’s dad Andy said, “He did well to put his arms up as it would have taken his head off otherwise – it was a hell of a shot,” the Metro reports.

Jamie and Andy, from Shropshire, managed to see the first half but after Jamie’s arm ‘ballooned’ up, they headed to the first aid tent.

The young lad seemed quite excited about the whole thing saying, “I was buzzing because Wayne had kicked it. I think it’s brilliant that Wayne Rooney broke my wrist”, according to the Daily Mail.

The footy star was quick to tweet an apology. “I want to apologise to Jamie Thomas. I have arranged for a letter and a signed shirt to be sent to his home address #getwellsoon,” Wayne tweeted.

Hopefully the 5-0 score in the Man U versus Wolves game went some way to ease the pain, too.


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