Disabled toddler defies doctors to walk parents down aisle

Toddler told he may never walk guides his parents down the aisle using a specially made walking-frame.


Josef Sudron, 23 months, was able to join his parents Louise and Gary after the specially made machine arrived at his home just two days before his parents wed, reports the Daily Mail.


Josef suffers from polymicrogyria, a condition that’s resulted in him being deaf and unable to walk by himself.

“He loves his walking frame. The doctors told me there was a possibility he would never walk. I never thought I would see it,” mum Louise said proudly.

“It was a miracle in my eyes seeing him do it. I hadn’t cried all day but as soon as I saw him walking, that was it, I was off.


“On the most important day of my life, apart from the day he was born, he did that for me.”

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