Do children need educating on cancer?

New survey reveals kids lack knowledge of the disease


Children’s views on cancer have been revealed, reports BBC news.


A poll of 500 children*, conducted by Macmillan Cancer Support, showed most kids don’t know what causes it, with 4% believing you catch it from someone else, and 2% thinking it’s a result of bad behaviour.

Children were also unclear on what it means to have the disease, with half admitting they didn’t know what cancer is, and 21% thniking it’s always fatal.

The survey also revealed that 97% didn’t know sunburn can cause cancer, but 91% knew smoking could.

“The chances of children knowing someone with the condition grows – be that grandparent, parent or friend,” said Katherine Donnelly from Macmillan Cancer Support.

“This can be really distressing and [children] may feel too worried to ask questions.”

The charity believes children should be taught about the subject in school and have released a toolkit, Talking About Cancer, to help teachers plan the lesson.

Last week toy giant MGA launched bald versions of Bratz dolls in a bid to support children undergoing treatment for cancer.

Do you think children should be taught about cancer from a young age?

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*A poll of children aged between 9-16 

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