Do girls’ Halloween costumes need changing?

Dad blogger has started #MoreThanCute campaign to encourage his daughters to "dream big"


Looking down the Halloween aisles for costumes for his daughters, blogger John Marcotte despaired. While boys could be astronauts, superheroes or pirates – the costumes on offer for girls were limited to fairies and princesses.


So now he’s started the #MoreThanCute campaign to encourage young girls to “dream big” and for their parents to think beyond the “cute” costumes on offer in the shops.


“Boys are given a full range of costumes that tell them they can be anything they want – heroic, brilliant, or scary,” Marcotte told BuzzFeed.

“Meanwhile, the girls’ costume aisles are usually fairies and princesses, and [this] tells them that the only thing society values about them is their appearance.”

The dad-of-2 is the founder of Heroic Girls – an organisation that campaigns for better representation of girls and women in media and comics.

He’s now asking for other parents to think more creatively about their daughters’ costumes and share the results on social media using the hashtag #MoreThanCute.

And the results are pretty amazing. So far, they’ve had girls dressed as dinosaurs, Jedi masters, fire fighters and superheroes…

But do you ever feel constrained by the costumes on offer for little girls? What about the boys? Or do you just let them dress up as whatever they like? Let us know in the comments below…

Photos: Twitter / Heroic Girls

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