Do these toast sculptures make you feel inspired or inferior?

We're divided on what we think about this dad's efforts... though we agree they're pretty awesome


Mums and dads alike have all levels of skills in the kitchen, right?


Remember the MasterChef mum who reckons what food you serve your kids tells them how much you love them? 

Or – on the other end of the spectrum – the ‘crap housewife’ who shared her teatime fails on Instagram (but probs loves her kids just as much)?

So we have to admit that we were, quite frankly, bedazzled when we saw this foodie tale – charting the effort one dad puts into brekkie for his 2 daughters.

One of his girls, aged 9, has severe food allergies, so, knowing he couldn’t make breakfast more exciting with fancy sides or extras, but still wanting to liven things up a bit – Adam Perry decided to get creative in the presentation department.

And the results are awesome…


As well as making famous landmarks, like Tower Bridge, and the Coliseum – all out of a few slices of bread – Adam’s created the Loch Ness Monster, his own response to the EU referendum result and a toaster. Made out of toast. No way!




While we love Adam’s creations, admire the time he’s taken over them and wholly get why he’s done it, the MFM team were left feeling a little ambivalent towards them.

Perhaps that’s because they made us feel a teensy bit – err – crap – about our not so impressive mealtime offerings (that verge more on the fish fingers, beans and spuds-type dinners).

Or maybe they’ve just made us feel guilty because we’ve never gone to such an effort to make toast so appealing in our lives (and, let’s face it, probably never will). 

What do you think?

Do these crafty sculptures make you want to do the same and get arty with finger food for your kids?

Do they make you feel bad for not putting more effort into your dinners?

Or do you think it looks like a big old waste of time that your little ones wouldn’t appreciate anyway?

Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

Photos: 2 slices of toast on Instagram

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