Do you ever ‘own’ your baby name?

Teen Mom star Corey Simms has been accused of 'stealing' his ex-girlfriend's baby name


Picking a name for your baby can be a difficult process. You’ve got to love it; then it has to work with your surname and your child’s got to not be embarrassed by it as they grow up.


But what if you hear a name you like but your friend has already used it? Do you ever really ‘own’ a baby name?

Earlier this year a reality TV star in America was accused of “stealing” his ex-girlfriend’s baby name.

Corey Simms from Teen Mom 2 and his wife Miranda had their baby daughter, they named her Remington Monroe Simms.

But it turns out Corey’s ex Amber Scaggs O’Brien has a 3-year-old daughter also named Remington with her husband.

Lots of American magazines and newspapers are accusing Corey of “stealing” his ex’s baby name as they’re friends on Facebook.

But once someone you know has used a baby name – is it really off-limits? Or can you go ahead and use it? Or is there any etiquette about asking the parents whether they mind first? Or is this example particularly strange because it’s an ex-girlfriend’s baby name that’s involved? And, let’s face it, it is a pretty unusual name…

Of course, in previous generations when traditional names like John and Mary were the most common, you couldn’t expect to be the only parent in your friendship group to use it.

But now, unique monikers such as Blue and Brooklyn are all the rage – can you expect your friends to not ‘copy’ your name?

We’d love to know what you think – tell us in the comments below.

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