Judging by the pic Myleene Klass shared on her Instagram over the weekend, she got into full swing at London's Afropunk festival - and made sure her kids (9-year-old Ava and 5-year-old Hero) were fully involved, putting Hero - we assume - on her shoulders so she could see the stage and be part of the vibes.


She captioned the image: "At #afropunk fest with my babies. Heart is happy, neck is broken. ???"

Hmmm - how many of us know how she feels?

If you've ever done the shoulder carry thing, you'll probably know that it's one of those things that starts off feeling OK, but after a few minutes you're slightly regretting the decision to let your offspring (when did they get that heavy?) nestle happily on your shoulders as you feel your knees are going to buckle at. Any. Moment. Oops...

Here at MFM HQ one of the team admitted she's never done the shoulder ride thing with her little one, now 5 - and is even nervous when Dad does it in case he trips / walks into a lamp post / her kid tumbles backwards / Dad miscalculates an overhead sign / light / fan.

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Talk about hazardous ?

On the other hand, the trusty shoulder carry can be soooo useful when it comes to events like the one Myleene was at, as well as when your wee ones are at that phase of not using the buggy anymore but get tired halfway through a day out. Meaning if you don't offer a carry at some point, it's going to take a mighty long time to get home.

We just hope Myleene was wearing flats ?

What do you think?

Do you give your little one shoulder carries or do you get nervous doing it? If you do, how long do you think you'll be able to manage doing it before they get too big? Tell us over on Facebook.

Photo: Myleene Klass on Instagram

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