Do you pick your friends for their parenting skills?

It seems that women may be choosing friends based on how they parent…


Women are friends with other females for lots of reasons – they’ve known them for a long time, they like the same movies, music or clothes or they work together. Now it appears that there is a new dimension to consider in the realms of female friendship, with women actively picking their friends based on their parenting skills.


The Washington Post recently reported the opinion of Eliana Osborn, a writer, who claims that she has cast off two of her female friends stating, “As women, I want to be friends. As mothers, I don’t want to be anywhere near them.” So, it appears that while you’re busy worrying about whether or not your child is well behaved, well fed and unfailingly polite, so are your friends.

As Eliana notes, there’s no hard and fast rulebook to follow as a parent, but for her, lazy parenting marks the end of a friendship as respect goes out of the window.

It appears mums no longer find the simple fact other women have kids the same age, going to the same school, is enough for them to be friends.

Should another woman’s approach to parenting affect your friendship? Let us know what you think…

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