Does Carmen Electra want a baby with Simon Cowell?

Simon’s new squeeze Carmen reveals she’s feeling broody


As if the fact that X Factor mogul Simon Cowell is dating former Baywatch star and model Carmen Electra wasn’t shocking enough, rumours are rife that the couple may be planning to have a baby together.


Carmen, 40, has sparked rumours she wants a child after admitting that she’s feeling broody.

“I definitely have that yearning. It’s the only thing I haven’t done in life,” Carmen said, according to The Daily Mirror.

“I had such a strong bond with my mother, who has passed away. I do yearn for that connection again. We’ll see what happens,” she added.

Simon, 52, has previously spoken about fatherhood and his fears that he’s getting too old.

“If children could be born at the age of 5, I’d like that,” he said in an interview in 2010.

“I like them at that age when they can talk and understand. I’m not sure I could deal with the whole ‘ga ga goo’ thing. But I genuinely like kids,” he added.

So it seems as if Carmen’s less Baywatch and more babywatch these days – she just needs to convince Simon!


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