Does this food look delicious? Then you’re probably pregnant

Amazingly crazy recipes, inspired by real women's pregnancy cravings


Toothpaste Oreos

Whether it’s smearing Marmite on chocolate biscuits or eating gherkins straight out of the jar – pregnancy cravings are usually anything but appetising to anyone else.


But, we have to say, the way these ‘gourmet’ pregnancy cravings have been styled and served up makes even Toothpaste Oreos (above) look quite appealing!

The stunning pics of real mums-to-bes’ pregnancy cravings were compiled by Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus and Juarez Rodrigues for their website Eating for Two. The pair both work in advertising and collated the recipes as a fun side-project, after being inspired by a pregnant friend who told them she’d sneak into the kitchen at night to eat Oreos and toothpaste.

The duo claimed they’ve tasted each and every one of their outlandish recipes – even the ‘Medley of Soaps’ and ‘Coal’.

“Surprisingly, it tasted like nothing. Slightly gritty nothing.” they said about the coal, giving it a score of 5/5. “It gets 5 because we tried it directly after the soap – and the relief that it wasn’t as horrifying as that was absolutely delicious!”

Steak and icecream also got a bad review with only 1/5. “There is a special place in hell for people who ruin good steaks like this’, say Vicky and Juarez.

Scroll through the slideshow to see more amazing pregnancy-craving food…


Bacon Mars Bar Burger


Medley of Soaps


Steak with ice-cream


Orange Sushi with Tomato Sauce Glaze


Burnt Matches


Gherkin Cocktail

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