Does this gorgeous Beyonce bump pic show she’s having a girl?

The pregnant star, who is carrying twins, left fans speculating the sex of her babies (again) at Coachella...


In case you missed it, Beyonce is pregnant with twins. Just kidding! Of course you know she’s pregnant with twins.


And the 35-year-old pop superstar’s sparking even more rumours about her unborn babies with her latest candid snap.

Not long ago, The Beyhive (Beyonce’s mega fans) concluded that they’d discovered her babies’ sexes, deeming a pair of earrings she was wearing as a clue

Though not content they’ve fully cracked the code, they’re now employing similar detective skills to a pic of Bey, her mum Tina and former bandmate Kelly Rowland at Coachella Music Festival.

“3/4th of my girls❤️ Missing 1/4 at Cochella? My Solo❤️❤️Bianca,” Tina wrote beside the pic.

Assuming that the 4th of Tina’s girls wasn’t fellow Destiny’s Child alum Michelle Williams, fans took the rest of her caption to mean that one of the unborn twins is a girl.


We’re not 100% sure how they’ve got there, to be honest.

But we are 100% sure that Beyonce will let the world know her the sex of her babies in due course ??

Meanwhile, let’s talk about how bumpylicious ? Beyonce looks in this stunning white maternity dress.

Refinery29 recently estimated that she would be 8 months along by the time Coachella hit. Since Beyonce cancelled her originally scheduled performance, many reckon she’s nearing the end of her 3rd trimester, and that’ll she give birth around May 2017.

However, it’s also rumoured that she’s expecting in mid-June. 

The star first announced that she and husband Jay Z were expecting again at the beginning of February, with a bump shot that stopped the world in its tracks.

Let’s just wait and see what happens ?

Images: Instagram/Tina Knowles
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