Does your baby hate headbands and bows? Don’t worry – erm, just GLUE them on

Yes really - there is a company who thinks this is a good idea...


According to Girlie Glue’s website, “It’s never to early to be girlie.” And so, it continues, “A dab of Girlie Glue will hold her accessories in place all day long.”


Yes, you read that right… if your baby pulls off their hats/ribbons/baubles, don’t worry, just glue them on.

Hmmm. Not surprisingly, it seems not everyone is stuck on this new glue designed to adhere bows and adornments to babies’ heads.

The adhesive is the brain child of Katie Hydrick, who, according to the Sun, got the idea when her own baby didn’t have enough hair to a keep a clip in place. (Er… perhaps therefore negating the use of a HAIR clip…).

And despite the sticky stuff apparently being totes natural (“It’s safe,100% honey-free and washes away easily with water” according to the website) not everyone is impressed with the idea. Many mums have taken to Twitter to express their disdain – and not JUST over the whole idea of gluing decorations on your kids…  

‘Why girlie glue? What if I want to glue a monster truck or a tool to my son?’ one mum asked, while another raged: ‘No, I’m not going to put a gigantic flower on her head. Her gender is not yr biz!’.

The website also offers a range of bows and felt flowers with which to jazz up your baby – because let’s face it, what wispy-headed newborn isn’t crying out for some bonce bling? 

Katie Hydrick was quick to defend her products though, telling the Sun: “Girlie Glue is an all-natural accessory glue designed to stick accessories to skin, hair and fabric.

“The most common use for it is sticking small bows and accessories to babies heads. That is where the name came from.

“But is it not limited to that use for sure. It is great for boys and girls costumes, crazy hair days, as a hair styling product. We in no way discriminate boys.”

Hmmm. We get that the product is natural, and we know how frustrating it is when kids do pull off their hairbands and bows, but you know… gluing accessories on babies?

Even accessorising babies in the first place… What do you think? Let us know in the comments or over on Facebook.


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