If there's one thing that can send your pulse racing during pregnancy, it's thinking about what giving birth. Those on-off contractions, hands in places you think hands shouldn't go, oh, and the pain bit. Understandably, it makes a lot of us very anxious as labour day draws near.


Now, a group of international mums are hoping to change that (or at least reduce the fear factor) by sharing positive pictures of themselves post-birth on Twitter using #BirthJustHappened.

It all started last week with photographer Jenny Lewis's project 'One Day Young' showing women the day after childbirth. After The Positive Birth Movement shared the photos on Facebook, mums started spontaneously sharing their own images. The idea went viral under the hashtag #BirthJustHappened and hundreds of photos started being shared.

One of them was the amazing picture above showing Stephanie Bonadio, from Delaware, USA, just moments after her baby Sienna was born. "I was excited to share my photo because I’d like to see a shift from the fear that surrounds childbirth," Stephanie told The Telegraph. "I’d like women to see that it’s not all horror stories and emergencies. It’s beautiful and intense and emotional all at once."

Click through for more amazing photos taken a few moments after birth and see those faces...


Water birth

Carrie Mendes with baby Ryan and her family in California, USA.

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"Our journey was a hard one, but we got there in the end. My sweet boy, a few minutes after being born via emergency caesarean."



"A planned Caesarian birth after two previous vaginal births was daunting, but my twins had their own path from the beginning and we travelled it together. I love this photo! We were snuggled having skin to skin within the hour."


Skin-to-skin contact

"I gave birth on Thursday!"

Photos: Facebook / The Positive Birth Movement

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