Downing Street anger after David Cameron’s late son referenced during debate

Number 10 label Lord Owen ‘tasteless’ after discussing David Cameron’s late son Ivan during NHS reform talks


A Downing Street spokesperson has described Former Democratic Party Leader Lord Owen as “rather tasteless”. The peer has landed himself in hot water after remarking in the House of Lords that Prime Minster David Cameron, as someone who had first-hand experience of the NHS and what they could do, shouldn’t want to mess with it.


Speaking in reference to David’s late son Ivan, who died in 2009 after suffering a long illness, Lord Owen reportedly said, “David Cameron should remember the words he spoke about the NHS during the election […] when he spoke about the NHS not having any more top down reorganisations, he carried the conviction of someone who had real experience of what the NHS represented in British life.”

Lord Owen’s comments come amidst ongoing concerns about the Health and Social Care bill, which could see dramatic changes to the NHS.


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