Dr Miriam Stoppard shares her tips on child immunisation

As many as 48% of mums fear the safety of routine immunisation, research has revealed


Getting your child immunised can be a stressful for your baby as well as yourself. In fact as many as 43% of mums believe that the process affects them more than their tot, according to research from AstraZeneca.


With their child’s fear of needles and the discomfort it can cause, it’s little wonder 48% of mums feel anxious when it comes to routine vaccinations. However, it isn’t just the pain it causes to their child that concerns them, but also the risk of illness after the immunisation has been done.

Young mums are particularly susceptible to the worry, with over half admitting to feeling uneasy about it compared to a third of mums aged over 45. Worryingly, 16% of younger mums delay the vital jabs.

Dr Miriam Stoppard, believes that more support is needed to help panicking mums deal with the situation more calmly. “As a mother and grandmother I understand the distress and anxiety mums can experience during the immunisation process. I am concerned younger mums in particular seem to experience more anxiety and I call for more support and information to be made available to mums on ways to help deal with this potentially difficult situation,” she said.


Check out Miriam’s tips on child immunisation in the video clip above.

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