Since Helen Flanagan announced her pregnancy in December, we've noticed she's been leaning towards a more natural appearance. In her last bump selfie, the 24-year-old posed in natural makeup and a beanie covering her brunette hair.


But now the former Coronation Street actress has gone to extreme lengths to make sure her new mum beauty regime is as low maintenance as possible – she's gone for the chop!

The mum-to-be who's expecting her first baby in June with footballer boyfriend Scott Sinclair, revealed why she went for such a drastic change. Helen has confessed that her hair currently takes an hour a day to blow dry, and she can't do it herself! We think she's probably wise - we're not aware of many new mums who are able to squeeze in a personal hair blow-dryer session for an hour a day.

Helen also admitted she didn't want to get her long extensions flecked with baby sick. Unveiling her new lob (that's a long bob) on Instagram, Helen admits she was "slightly nervous" about having her extensions removed after having them in for over a year.

"I was a bit worried I would feel like I would have no hair with them out but I actually quite like it! I naturally have thin hair. With my baby coming in June I won't really have time to have my extensions blow dried often (which can take a good hour) plus I find extensions hard to blow dry myself (to look nice) as it's just so much hair.

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"I'm sure if I kept them in I would end up with baby sick in them anyway so this is why I have decided to take them out and give my hair a good break from extensions. Going to try and get my hair in the best condition possible and for it to be healthy as it can be and as thick as my hair can go. Hopefully by May I will see a good improvement."


Her new natural style is a big change from the full-on glam look she went for before she was pregnant, pictured above left. The selfie from a photo shoot in February last year shows Helen with the full effect including fake lashes, hair extensions and lashings of make-up. But we have to say, she looks much happier in the new natural photo on the right!

And of course, pregnancy often changes your hair. Your hair can get thicker but it can also get thinner. Let's hope for Helen's sake, in her case it gets thicker.

So do you think Helen was right to change her look before becoming a mum? Did you cut your hair short in pregnancy? Let us know in the comments below…

Photos: Instagram / Helen Flanagan

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