Drew Barrymore shares adorable pic of baby Olive – in a lobster costume?!

Proud mum Drew reveals she looks at cute snap of Olive everyday


New mum Drew Barrymore might just be our favourite celebrity mum after sharing a picture of her baby daughter Olive dressed as a lobster. So here’s your babies-dressed-up-like-animals fix for the day!


The Hollywood star, 37, revealed the photo of Olive dressed as a cute crustacean to Oprah Winfrey on last Sunday’s episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter, saying she doesn’t go a day without checking out the super-cute snap of Olive dressed as a “lobster in the pot”.

Drew said she couldn’t resist dressing up Olive, her then 1-month-old daughter, for Halloween.

“It’s the best picture ever!” Drew gushed, while holding up her iPhone with the snap on it.

The actress, who gave birth to Olive last September, also opened up about her experience of motherhood so far.

“It’s like having the worst crush of your life!” Drew said. “I drive home with heart palpitations, like, I can’t wait to get to her.”

Revealing that before Olive she was “not a morning person”, Drew said; “I wake up every morning… and it’s a newfound joy that I have in the mornings… I get to wake her up, and she’s so fun and always smiling and doesn’t have this history of all these thoughts you wake up with as an adult… It’s just joy!”

Watch Drew’s interview video here. Do you have a favourite photo of your little one?


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