Duchess of Cambridge Kate gets anniversary baby pressure

William and Catherine (still fondly known as Kate Middleton here at MFM HQ) bear brunt of media attention for shunning traditional first year pregnancy


As Prince William and wife Catherine approach the one-year anniversary mark, cake isn’t being offered out, but rather media disgruntlement that there’s no baby yet! 


Possibly put out by the fact that the only addition to the Catherine and William clan has been Lupo the dog, OK! magazine grumbled, “They haven’t yet revealed the baby news we’re all desperate for.” So sure the mag appears to be about the couple having a baby one day, it goes on to enthuse, “When Catherine finally does become pregnant,” as if this is a certainty.

The pattern of a ‘first year baby’, started by previous Royals, means that if Catherine doesn’t announce a pregnancy before their anniversary in April this year, they’ll be the first in 200 years not to.

Of course, a pregnancy announcement won’t stop the media attention. When Diana was pregnant, editors were called into Buckingham Palace to be told by the press secretary their constant attention was making the Princess feel “despondent”, OK! magazine reports.

The media’s insistence of “impending motherhood”, as OK! magazine describes it, is something many mums can no doubt relate to. How often have friends asked you when you’re getting married, having a baby, having another? Are you guilty of doing it yourself? Is Lupo the dog Catherine and William’s way of asserting that actually, we’re doing this our own way? We hope so – we’re with Team Kate! 


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