Dying girl’s loving notes to family made into book

Six-year-old Elena’s notes hidden throughout the home inspired parents to produce ‘Notes Left Behind’


Brain cancer sufferer Elena Desserich, 6, hid notes and loving drawings all over her house in a bid to let her family know how much she loved them. They have been found and compiled into a book by her parents in her memory.


Hidden between books on shelves, drawers, between dishes and in her school backpack at her home in Ohio, US, Elena’s drawings and notes tell her family, “I love you Mom, Dad and Grace”. They were found after she passed away. The Desserich family are still finding their daughter’s notes to this day.

“There are hundreds of notes that we found. We always want to know that there’s one more note that we haven’t read yet,” Elena’s dad has revealed.

In order to explain their daughter’s disease to her younger sister, Grace, her parents decided to collate the hundreds of notes and put them into a book, Notes Left Behind.

The book has been released in the US with all proceeds going to a charity Elena’s parents set up in her memory called The Cure Starts Now.


You can find out more about Notes Left Behind on the website.

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