Dying mum gives husband motherhood tips

Heartbroken husband and dad-of-two gets ‘masterclass in motherhood’

Mum Jemma Oliver died of cancer at 29, and spent her last days showing husband Jason, 32, how to care for their two children, Keaton, 4, and Codi, 2.


Jemma knew Jason would struggle with the daily logistics of what she used to do, so she set about training him. Jemma showed Jason how to load the washing machine, and brought in a qualified hairdresser to teach him how to French plait Codi’s hair.

“I went through a masterclass to be a mum,” said Jason, a crane driver.

Mum Jemma also left instructions on how she’d like the children raised, bought cards to be given to her son and daughter on their birthdays in the coming years. She made Jason promise he would take her sisters shopping with him when buying clothes for Codi.

Codi was 4 months old when her mum was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Mum Jemma had a hysterectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. After being in remission for a while, she found a lump in her neck. The cancer had come back, and doctors told her it was terminal this time.


“I constantly look at her plans and instructions to help me. I feel as though she’s there watching over us, guiding us along the way,” said Jason.

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