Dying mum-to-be tees up breast milk for her newborn baby

Blogging community takes on mum’s wish for her baby to continue being fed breast milk after her death.


A mum diagnosed with terminal cancer during pregnancy has had her dying wish realised – to have her daughter fed on breast milk after her death.


Renee Noble, 42, gave birth to daughter Violet on November 17 last year. New mum Renee died just a month later. But in that time, Renee set up a blog to find volunteer breast milk donors so Violet could have breast milk even when her mum was no longer there to feed her.

The blog, milkforviolet.blogspot.com, has inspired women to donate breast milk, delivering it to drop-off points listed on the site. Donor mums have been asked to provide medical details to ensure they’re healthy and fit to donate milk.

Becki Hill, who is co-ordianting the project, wrote, “Violet will absolutely, definitely have all of the milk that she needs.”

“In her dying weeks, to make sure that her baby gets human milk, that’s just amazing to me,” said Diana Cassar-Uhl, a lactation consultant who helped publicise the Milk for Violet drive.

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