eBay pregnancy-test ‘prank’: funny or not?

Sellers marketing positive-pregnancy tests as a joke


“I’m pregnant! See, I just did this test. Ha, only joking…”


Online sellers on eBay are listing positive-pregnancy tests as a joke item for buyers to fool their nearest and dearest with.

The products, which are marked for sale at £4.99 or more, are real (or fake) pregnancy tests showing the double lines or plus sign that indicate a positive result – and a baby on the way.

One listing reads, “Have fun pranking friends and family with this positive test :)”

Do you think it’s funny? Is it the kind of prank you’d like to play on your partner? Or perhaps you think something as serious and life-changing as pregnancy isn’t something to fool about with?

Do please post a comment below – and let us know what you think.

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