Ed Miliband on his gorgeous newborn and father-son resemblance

Labour leader Ed Miliband coos over his second baby boy and reveals the choice of baby name, Samuel Stewart Thornton Miliband

Proud dad Ed Miliband was all smiles yesterday as he spoke about how gorgeous his newborn son is.


The Labour leader’s partner Justine Thornton, gave birth to the 8lb 3oz baby boy on Sunday night and Ed looked overjoyed as he spoke about him.

“He’s really gorgeous – he looks a bit like me,” said Ed.

Ed, currently taking two week’s paternity leave said, “We didn’t know he would come quite as quickly as he did. Justine did absolutely brilliantly.”

The couple has since received a congratulations card from PM David Cameron and his wife Samantha saying, “This is wonderful news and we could not be more pleased for you and your family”.

Deputy Nick Clegg and his wife also passed on their congrats and said, “It’s been a hectic few months for them, so I hope they are given the time and space to fully enjoy their new arrival.”

Ed and Justine have named their son Samuel Stewart Thornton Miliband.  His first name is after Ed’s grandfather, his middle name is after Justine’s father and Thornton is Justine’s surname.


Baby Samuel will join the couple’s eldest son, 18-month-old Daniel, who also has Thornton as his middle name.

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