Egg screening hope for couples trying to conceive

A baby conceived using a new test could give failed IVF couples another chance

The first baby conceived with the help of a new egg screening technique has been born. The technique could give new hope to couples who have had repeatedly failed IVF treatments.


Baby Oliver was born to a 41-year-old woman using the new screening method after she suffered 13 failed IVF attempts and three miscarriages.

It’s thought that two out of every three women fail at each IVF attempt because of chromosomal abnormalities in the implanted egg. The new screening technique is able to analyse genetic material in fertilised eggs to check for chromosomal abnormalities before implantation.

“Oliver’s birth is an important landmark in shaping our understanding of why many women fail to become pregnant,” said Professor Simon Fishel, who led the team of developers in Nottingham. “All of the team have been waiting for this very special baby to be born.”

Eight of Oliver’s parents’ fertilised eggs were tested and only two were found to be chromosomally normal – one of them is now Oliver.


The British Fertility Society said the technique is promising but further research was needed.

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