8-year-old boy’s quest to make care packages for homeless people

Unable to comprehend why so many people are without homes, little Adrian decided he needed to help...


It’s a tough one, isn’t it? Trying to explain to your little ones about homelessness.


That was the dilemma faced by the parents of 8-year-old Adrian Young, from Queensland, Australia, who was heartbroken the first time he saw a homeless man on the street.

After asking his mum, Jennifer, dozens of questions – little Adrian felt compelled to try and do something about it.

He wanted to make ‘care packages’ of toiletries, warm socks, drinks and sweets for the homeless population in his area ?

“Adrian asked me what [the homeless man] was doing, he was quite confused,” Jennifer told the Daily Mail.

“[Adrian was] really, really sad, he was very teary about it. It was an awful, awful experience.”

Jennifer then added that, originally, Adrian wanted her to buy the man a home.


“I explained it to him that he wasn’t the only homeless person and we couldn’t buy everyone a house.

“So he asked if we could make a pack to take to him and other homeless people so that’s how it started.”

Using her own money, Jennifer allowed Adrian to stock up on enough items to make 50 packs. He put the packs together himself and with the help of a local organisation, handed them out in the community.

Seeing how happy and grateful the recipients were only spurred Adrian on further, says his mum.

Now, the family are using GoFundMe to crowdfund enough to make more packs and continue spreading the love, and have raised over $2,500 so far.

“I’m a lucky kid to have the life I have and I want to try and make everyone’s life as good as mine,” wrote Adrian on the page.

Aw, we just can’t get enough of this kind-hearted little boy and his charitable family ?

Images: GoFundMe

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