Ahh… pocket money. If you ask us, it's better to pick a scheme and stick to it. Otherwise you'll always get nagged for more.


Well, Sir Elton John has revealed his 3-jar pocket money rule for his sons Zachary, 8, and Elijah, 6 – and it's pretty clever.

"They get £3 pocket money, but £1 is for charity, £1 is for saving and £1 is for spending. They get 3 coins and put them in separate jars," the dad-of-2 told the Guardian.

"And they have to work for it – help in the kitchen, help in the garden. They’ve got to learn the value of doing something and earning something for themselves."


We like that system – it's clear and to the point. Teaches the value of saving and spending and the importance of thinking about others by giving to charity.

The 72-year-old performer also insisted that his sons with husband David Furnish live a relatively normal life.

"They live a very local life in Old Windsor, they go round their mates’ houses, it’s not a showbiz life as such. They’re not stuck behind the gates of a mansion. Saturdays when I’m home, we go to Pizza Hut with them, we go to Waterstones, we go to the cinema. I’ve never been a recluse, I’ve never hidden away. I’m on the school run," he said.

And Elton says when he's taken his boys to Legoland Windsor, he doesn't get bothered by other parents – because they're too busy.

"You don't get really bothered by other people, you go to Legoland and you find the people are so intent at watching their own kids and they're so proud of them, they don't bother me," he said.

Photo: Instagram / Elton John

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