Elton John’s baby picks up bizarre habit

The music legend’s son has been coming over all Welsh Valleys of late


How do you assert your individuality when you’re the son of the man who wears spangly catsuits, orange peacock feathers and towering French wigs? For baby Zachary, son of Elton John and David Furnish, the answer is simple – express your personality through a distinctive regional accent.


Sir Elton recently revealed his son’s peculiar parlance in an interview, saying “He has a Welsh accent when he says Daddy. I don’t know why.” But the broad minded singer is putting his bafflement to one side gushing, “But he is a gorgeous little sausage”.

Whether baby Zachary will combine his father’s musical pedigree and his own Welsh leanings to become the next Tom Jones waits to be seen, but doting dad Elton is ensuring his first child has the best tutors in every field, reportedly roping in David Beckham for the job of sports coach.

Speaking to The Daily Star, a source said, “Elton can teach him everything he wants to know musically, but when it comes to anything athletic, he’s clueless. So as soon as Zach’s old enough, he wants Beckham to help train him.”

We reckon David should bring along his old Manchester United teamate, Ryan Giggs, to ensure pampered baby Zach is coached in his preferred dialect!


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