Emily Blunt: ‘Pregnancy made my childhood stutter come back’

The Sicario actress says her speech changed when pregnant with her daughter


Pregnancy can have unexpected effects on you. From craving marmite when before you couldn’t stand it, to weeping over DIY SOS when at age 11, not even your dog dying made you cry – sometimes stuff just gets weird. But Emily Blunt has revealed that her childhood stutter made a surprise return when she was pregnant with her first child.


“When I was pregnant it came back quite prominently. That was interesting!” she told the Radio Times. Emily had a restricting stutter between the ages of 7 and 12 and took up acting to overcome it.

“It was a massive challenge for me to speak in front of people, to speak fluently,” she said. “It was hard – I had so much to say and I felt that I had so much to offer but I was restricted by not being able to put it out there in the world.”

Acting helped her “grow out of it” and we assume, now it’s been nearly 2 years since she had her baby, her voice has returned to normal.

Emily has a 20-month-old baby girl named Hazel with her husband John Krasinski, and says becoming a mum has been a massive change. “It changes you infinitely in a rather overwhelming way,” she said. “The best way I can describe it is that it’s like this lovely distraction that I always have. It’s always there and I love that feeling.”


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