Emma Willis’s pregnancy bump pokes out of clever lilo

TV presenter raves about the Holo - just as this amazing pregnancy beach gizmo sells out of stock...


Planning one last away break before you have your baby?


If so, you might just want to take a leaf out of presenter Emma Willis’ book and grab yourself one of these – the ultimate pregnancy lilo that accommodates your bump so you can lie comfortably on your front – hurrah!

Emma tweeted about the amazing invention, singing its praises from the rafters:

And we can totally see it’s such a simple – but brilliant – invention that means you can actually float on a lilo on your front in the water. Bliss!

But it doesn’t just work as a lilo. It’s also used as a blow-up pregnancy massage bed and has been endorsed by many health practitioners working with mums-to-be such as physios, obstetricians and pregnancy yoga teachers. 


Loads of Emma’s followers seemed pretty impressed with the invention. One joked, “If only we’d known about this for Crete!” Another simply said, “Genius.”

Here at MFM we’ve checked the website that sells the lilo – called Holo – and, perhaps because of Emma’s post, or just the fact people are getting holiday ready, they’re all sold out for now.

But Holo promises to have more in stock soon. Phew!

Now, when’s someone going to invent a bed like this for us mums-to-be?

Photos: Emma Willis/InstagramHolo

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