Endometriosis – diagnosis made easier

A surgery-free alternative to diagnosing endometriosis has been developed


A simple and fast way of diagnosing endometriosis that doesn’t require surgery has been developed by scientists, reports the BBC.


With the new test, a sample of your womb lining is taken and checked for the presence of nerve fibres. It’s done is a similar way to a smear test. It is almost 100% accurate at detecting endometriosis, according to the Human Reproduction journal. In a trial of 99 women with pelvic pain, 63 out of 64 of those suffering endometriosis were picked up. And in women with no symptoms, the new test correctly identified 29 out of 34 who had the condition.

With endometriosis, cells that usually line your womb are found elsewhere in your body. Around two million women are affected by the condition in the UK.

Previously doctors had to diagnose the condition use laparoscopy, were you go to hospital for a keyhole surgical procedure done under general anaesthetic. Laparoscopy can have complications and may harm a woman’s fertility.

The new test, however, means no surgery and no hospital – it can be done when you’re fully awake and at a clinic.

Experts have commented on this development, with Nemone Warner, from Endometriosis UK, saying women would benefit from earlier diagnosis without the risk of surgical complications. Professor David Healy, from International Federation of Fertility Societies, said, “If other doctors can confirm this test, this might become the standard way of diagnosing endometriosis. This would mean that the condition could be identified earlier, which could give real benefits for infertile women.”


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