Enough cars sold to go into space

Top selling outdoor toy car gets glitzy makeover to celebrate birthday


Has your child ever been in a Little Tikes outdoor Coupe car? Chances are, if your tot is over 2, then the answer will be yes. According to Little Tikes a Cozy Coupe car has featured in every child’s life in the past four generations, whether they’ve bought one or simply played with one –an amazing statistic.


But there’s another crazier statistic – if every Cozy Coupe car that’s been sold was stacked one on top of the other, they would reach a height of 11,270 miles high! (as the picture shows, that’s well into outer space)


Little Tikes is turning 40 this year and to celebrate it’s bringing out a limited edition Ruby Coupe. Featuring all the characteristics of the classic red and yellow Cozy Coupe, this special edition car comes in a unique sparkling Ruby colour, and will only be available for a limited time only.

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