Eric Cowell crashes dad’s interview in the cheekiest way

X Factor judge Simon got completely upstaged by his adorable son


He’s not even two yet, but Eric Cowell has already proved he’s a born entertainer.


Crashing an interview his dad Simon was having with his ex-girlfriend, Terri Seymour, the toddler had no trouble upstaging The X Factor judge.


Simon was talking about becoming a judge on America’s Got Talent when his son Eric came over to show off his toy car – and despite spending a lot of time in the States, he said his name in a sweet British accent.

Asked what mannerisms Eric has that are like his dad’s, Simon said: “When he just wants something, he’s like me, he says it over and over again.” 


And he likes to tease like his dad too! He goes to give Terri a carrot but changes his mind at the last moment like a proper trickster.

You can watch Eric’s adorable antics in full in the video below.

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