Model Erin Gleave on the mastitis symptom she didn’t recognise

The 35-year-old new mum opened up about her struggle with the common breastfeeding infection


We’ve written a lot about the nasty, nasty breastfeeding infection known as mastitis.


But we wanted to share model Erin Gleave’s important message about the symptoms – especially the rather unexpected ones – which she’s been experiencing just a few weeks after her 2nd son Ennio’s birth.

Erin, also known as the wife of rapper Example, took to Instagram to share her struggle with mastitis – specifically, the symptoms she didn’t quite recognise, and attempted to ‘power through’ as a result.

“My mastitis returned with a vengeance over the weekend ???? Wanted to talk about it a bit as I had NO IDEA 1) how painful it can actually get, and 2) how serious it can be! “ she began.

“??? I was feeling pretty crappy last week – really achey all over, super fatigued and had a splitting headache ? Basically flu symptoms.

“I’d suspected mild mastitis a few days before but had thought it had cleared up, so I put the fluey feeling down to only getting an average of 3hrs sleep a night and being generally really run down.

“Felt OK on Friday but by Saturday afternoon I could barely even stand up and I was in AGONY ??? Turns out it was mastitis ? and I was going downhill, FAST.”

Yep, she’d sort of brushed off her flu symptoms – ‘cos what new mum doesn’t feel a bit fatigued in the first few weeks of motherhood?

And since she was no longer experiencing any OBVIOUS mastitis symptoms (like sore, swollen, painful boobs), her mastitis got the chance to take a turn for the worse.

In the end, Erin needed to get an emergency GP over to her house STAT.

“The doc prescribed a strong antibiotic that had to be taken straight away. If I had’ve left it even until the next morning, I most likely would have been HOSPITALISED and an IV antibiotic given for 24hrs! ?

“Imagine being ? in hospital with a newborn baby, hooked up to an IV, simply because you ignored your symptoms and tried to push through ? ”

Pay attention now, cos this is the bit of Erin’s post we REALLY like:

“If you’re a new mum and you don’t feel right, PLEASE, get yourself checked out! IT’S BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY ? ”

Indeed, there are lots of mastitis symptoms to keep an eye out for when you’re breastfeeding. Feeling fluey or just a bit off can be one of ‘em.

It’s so hard to know what’s normal and what’s not, though, ‘cos like we’ve mentioned, pretty much every new mum under the sun is going to feel at least a tad run down in those hectic, hazy, sleepless first weeks.

We guess the key thing is to listen to your body and if you’re suspecting something’s not 100% right, follow your gut.

Thanks Erin for sharing your experience ?

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Images: Instagram/Erin Gleave

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