Etiquette lessons for 3-year-olds

Politeness and manners make it onto the school curriculum in Wales


Children aged from 3 years to 18 years will have etiquette lessons at their school – Llandovery College, south Wales – from next term, reports the Telegraph.


Politeness, manners and other social etiquette will be on the curriculum for all the school children, as “Llandovery College wants to drive home the message that manners maketh man or woman” according to the college warden Ian Hunt.

From holding open doors for others, sending an RSVP and table manners, the lessons will coincide with the kids learning about Victorian times. However Lyn Jones, Llandovery Colleges director of marketing and admissions, explained they wouldn’t be taking the Victorian approach to manners.

“People think about the Victorian era as a time when people had impeccable manners, but in fact much of the etiquette at that time was about humiliating pupils and that doesn’t fit with good manners at all.”

Lyn explained their lessons were about modernising etiquette, and how it has a role in the modern world. “Etiquette is all about making other people feel comfortable and valued,” she explained.

“Obviously, you don’t often find that men stand up when a woman enters the room anymore, things like that are outdated, but the basic premise that you show respect to others is still a desirable concept and much of what modern etiquette is about,” Lyn said.

“Not talking over people, not dominating conversations and allowing others to go first are all about showing respect for other people.

“In modern context, you could say that when people are at lunch and their mobile phones ring they shouldn’t sit there chatting and ignoring other diners. It’s all about being respectful. “

Penny Edge, who runs the international finishing school Etiquette Business, said, “There is no doubt that when it comes to etiquette those who observe basic rules will generally be more successful, both socially and in business.”


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