Example: We were up every hour when we brought our baby home

The rapper talks about the shock of fatherhood and 5 things he wishes he'd known beforehand


Example became a dad for the first time just 3 months ago, when his wife Erin McNaught gave birth to their son Evander. And now the rapper has proved he’s probably one of the coolest dads around – recreating the famous scene from the The Hangover with his son in matching aviator shades for the June edition of FHM magazine.


It’s good to hear the rapper – real name Elliot Gleave – admit that nothing prepares you for the actual reality of parenthood. “My wife, Erin, and I did these anti-natal classes, where people teach you health and safety and how to wash a baby and all that,” he told the men’s mag. “When Van was born, we asked each other if we remembered anything at all from all that. It had all disappeared from our minds.

“You have no idea what you’re doing. No matter how many tips you’re given, you just have no idea. The first night we brought him home we couldn’t sleep. Even though you know he’s fine, you can’t help but worry if he’s breathing OK or if he’s rolled over. We were up every hour.”

The 32-year-old also shared his “5 things I wish they’d told me before I became a father”…

  1. The amount of s**t will blow your mind
  2. Be prepared to be afraid of absolutely everything
  3. My wife is a superhuman
  4. You have no idea what exhaustion is
  5. Baby voices – that’s going to be you 

Watch the full interview in the video below

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