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Exclusive: Myleene Klass chats about her Christmas plans

Mum-of-two also reveals why new app will help make life easier for parents

Last night Mothercare held a special event to launch their new app for busy mums and mums-to-be.


We chatted to mum-of-two and brand ambassador Myleene Klass about the new app, and what she has planned for Christmas with her daughters 5-year-old Ava and 18-month-old Hero:

What will you buy your little ones this Christmas?

“For Hero it’s anything that involves cats. She is cat mad and for Ava it’s anything that involves a mermaid. They are both very easy little girls to buy for. I’m still trying to track down a few things but Ava has every confidence in Santa so I’m going to have to pull it out the bag.”

Did Ava write a letter to Father Christmas?

“Yes, sometimes I say to Ava ‘What do you mean when you wrote this?’ and she says ‘Don’t worry Santa will know’ and I just have to say 'Well… I would like to know too.' Explain so mama knows…”

What are your plans for Christmas day?

“Same as everybody else food, family, eat too much, food coma!”

What would you like to get for Christmas this year?

“Like loads of mums I would like to get some more sleep please Santa.”

What do you like about the new Mothercare app?

“The new Mothercare app is brilliant! It’s 10 apps in 1. When I hear so many of my friends talking about ‘Oh I got an app for my contractions and an app on this and that’ – I think make it easy. Stick it all in one house and that’s what Mothercare have done.”

Can you use this app for toddlers as well?

“What Mothercare have put together and how it’s going to grow this app will appeal to so many people. I would love them to develop it more so you can hand your smartphone over to you little one to keep them from screaming when you're in a supermarket or maybe something fun like answers to questions your 5-year-old asks you such as ‘Why is the sky blue?’ or ‘Why is the sky shades of grey?’ is the latest one I get and I just feel lost.”

What’s your favourite feature of the Mothercare app?

“I do like the store side of things. On a personal note it’s great, as a designer for Baby K, to see what’s going on retail-wise and see what’s selling. Plus, you forget so much when your kids are 5 and 1½ you live in the moment and it’s nice to look through the different stages of pregnancy again when your baby is the size of a conker or a Weetabix. It will be so nice to read all that again and talk to my pregnant friends and get excited like ‘Oh my god you're growing eyelashes today!’ It’s funny when you’re going through pregnancy you think ‘I’m never going to forget this’ and then once it’s happened you can’t remember what happened last Monday you’re so knackered”

This smart app offers a complete on-the-go shopping experience with loads of fun features including personalised checklists and wish lists, a Baby Name Generator, Baby Tunes, a Pregnancy Week by Week guide and much more.

Download the free Mothercare app from iTunes.




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