Exclusive sneak preview of the toys coming this Christmas…

Shhh! Don't tell anyone, but MFM got a sneaky peak of the upcoming gadgets, toys and playthings your child will definitely want on their Christmas list. Check out what we found at the annual 'Christmas in July' toy event


The Lion King plush toys

Pump and Play remote control toys

Real Construction kit – made of foam (how cool!)

Christmas you say?! Yes, you heard correct. While it’s a scorcher outside, the MFM team have been putting our Christmas hats on and have started planning ahead – six months ahead to be precise!


Not because we’re organised freaks or anything, it’s so that we can give you an exclusive sneak peak at the hottest toys coming this year…

The annual ‘Christmas in July’ press preview event is THE place to head to for everything to do with toys, cool gadgets and gizmos that haven’t hit the shops yet. They are also the toys that are guaranteed to be a hit with little ones and serious contenders for the Santa list (plus we get to play with them all – natch).

Due to hgh volume of toys, we’ve cherry picked the toys we think you’ll love the most.


The Meerkats are back with the Sylvanian Families. Looking very Little House on the Prairie, this family is definitely one for the collection. Sylvanian Families are also boasting a new Chocolate Labrador family and the Cottage Hospital, where Dr. Murdoch is on hand to help poorly Sylvanian residents.

Great for getting creative, these fuzzy pipecleaners, known as the Fuzzoodles, are bigger, better and more colurful than their retro orginators. You can bend them into different shapes and add funky eyes, noses and buck teeth to them to create your very own Fuzzoodles. Move over Mr. Potato Head!

With it’s 3D release in cinemas this October, The Lion King is back on our radar with gorgeous plush teddies! Hoorah! This collection includes a Purring Nala and Simba who kiss (awww bless) and a baby Simba who gently chuckle and purr when you squeeze him.

Another favourite was the Pump and Play inflatable remote control animals! A world away from the clunky remote control cars and trucks, these were ever so cute and definitely worthy of the Christmas list.

We also loved the Real Construction, which is a set of foam, nails and hammers! Not neccessarily things you’d usually put together but this child (and accident) friendly kit looks amazing and really is a great gift for children who love to keep their hands busy. You can make anything from a dinosaur, lorry and even a ship!

… Others we loved

There were SO many to choose from but we also recommend you keep your beady eye out for these cool contenders:

  • Zhu Zhu Baby Pets
  • Squinkies
  • Trunkisaurus
  • Rastamouse plush
  • Lite Sprites
  • Peppa Pig night light
  • KooKoo Birds

Take a look at our toy gallery below – will you be buying any of these come Christmas?


Make sure you check back for more Christmas in July press previews and cool behind the scenes blogs.

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