Excuses, excuses…what being pregnant will get you out of!

Mums reveal the top situations they use their bump as an excuse to avoid


There are a few things not recommended for mums-to-be, such as heavy lifting or dangerous contact sports. But it seems many mums-to-be are finding plenty of other things they can get out of using their baby bump as an excuse, according to a new survey by MyVoucherCodes.c.uk.


A whopping 71% of mums-to-be avoided household tasks while 68% found pregnancy the perfect excuse to eat for two (against medical advice!). More that 60% admit blaming their pregnancy for being grumpy and over half were more relaxed about their pampering routine, using their bump as a perfect excuse to take less care of their appearance.

Nearly half of the 1,192 mums surveyed admitted to refusing to carry heavy bags and even stopping driving. A further 17% claimed they used their pregnancy to avoid social events and 12% found it the perfect reason not to visit family members!


What have you used your pregnancy to avoid doing?


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