Exhausted children are now ‘working’ 54 hour weeks

All work, no play thanks to parents ‘over-timetabling’ their children


Exhausted children are now ‘working’ 54 hour weeks.


Researchers found parents are ‘over-timetabling’ their children with extra-curricular activities taking up their free time outside of school, according to a new study by Haliborange.

Most children already spend 32.5 hours a week in school and 7.5 hours a week doing homework.

But on top of this parents are enrolling kids in an extra 2 hours of classes including swimming, football, dance classes or music lessons to help them shine.

Parents also spend 5 hours a week reading with their children and 7 hours a week encourage them to learn through play.

That all adds up to a gruelling 54 hour week – more than an adult’s working week!

Dr Claire Halsey, parenting expert and clinical psychologist said: “It might look like many mums and dads are over-timetabling their little ones, but behind this decision is the desire to support children to achieve their very best in life.

“While it’s great for kids to have hobbies and explore new activities, the best thing for their mental and physical development is to spend time playing and having fun, letting them shine naturally.”

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