Expectant mum fined for taking car space

A heavily pregnant mum-to-be has been fined £70 for parking in a parent and child space.


Annika Fewling, 27 from Exeter, parked her car in one of the specially designated parent and child slots while she nipped to Boots, only to discover the fine when she returned with her shopping.


On confronting the warden who issued the ticket, she was told until her baby was born, it wasn’t classed as a ‘child’.

“I can’t believe pregnant women are not classed as having children, especially in the later stages when you cant walk very far,” said Annika.


The mother-of-three, who suffers from the painful symphysis pubis dysfunction, complained to the company whose warden had issued the ticket and was told no discomfort or distress had been observed, and that parking rules apply to everyone!

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