We don't think Luisa Zissman knew what she was letting herself in for when she shared this stunning thowback snap on Instagram.


Captioning it 'Ah #Thailand throwback - please can I have this body back & stomach #bikinibod' the pregnant former Apprentice star was soon inundated with less-than-positive comments.

"I'm pregnant and bloated but I'd never wish for my body back quite that quick… enjoy carrying a life inside you and stop worrying about image and body," one commenter wrote.

Another was quick to remind her: "Your body is doing something amazing right now..."

Oh dear. We can't help but sympathise with Luisa to be honest - who hasn't had days where mid-to-late pregnancy just makes your feel more elephantesque than glowing mum-to-be?

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And when you then come across a pic of your pre-preg bod and... yep, we get it, Lu!

Not that she's looking in the slightest bit enormo though, as this recent Instagram selfie shows.

But of course that caused an avalanche of comments, too, with one follower branding her 'skinny' and saying they looked ready to 'roll over' at the same gestation.

Well we think Luisa looks equally fab in both pics - and we all know that there's no such thing as a skinny or huge pregnancy bod - all bumps are different, ladies - right?

Pictures: Luisa Zissman/Instagram

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